Comical Interlude


So this is the part where I answer questions which are allegedly posed unto me “frequently”, even though most have never passed the lips of beings in this universe or any other. But on the other hand, maybe this page will save you from having to formulate such questions on your own, which can be bothersome. If there are any egrarious omissions from this list, email me at earthcow (at) gmail (dot) com immediately and I will put you in contact with my team of specialists.


How do you make comics?? WHAT PROGRAMS DO YOU USE??????
I use Photoshop, duh. As for equipment, I used to use a 6×8 Intuos 3 tablet but I recently upgraded to a Cintiq 12WX. Cintiqs are cool! Even the small ones.

What is the update schedule?
I don’t have one. The drawing times vary by so much that it’s not really possible to turn them out on a regular timetable. If you’re feeling impatient, you can follow my twitter account to see how far away the next comic is.

So all your comics are named after songs or some shit?
Song titles or lyics. It’s in keeping with my power metal sensibilities (ie. hilariously cheesy and overwrought).

Have you ever drawn a guest comic for Wasted Talent or Overcompensating?
Why, yes. Yes I have.

What about Dinosaur Comics or Questionable Content?
No… not yet. I have Ideas though. ;) ;) ;) (call me)

Can I post one of your comics on my blog, etc?
Sure. A linkback would be appreciated, of course.

I disagree with your politics – where do I lodge my complaint?
Okay, first, take a deep breath, set aside your cognitive dissonance, and try to come to terms with the fact that you are wrong. I have already looked up all the answers in the back of the Politics book, and as such my views are unassailable. If for any reason you still require clarification on an issue, please engage your caps lock and send off an incoherent rant as quickly as possible, before you have a chance to think it through. That way I will feel much less guilty about ignoring you.

Hi! I have a cool idea for a comic you should draw/am interested in doing a link exchange/would like to hire you for a bachelor party.

Non sequitur final question?
Nah, that joke is way played out now.


More questions may be added to the FAQ depending on the frequency at which they are asked.