Comical Interlude


Note: if you read the comics in order, you might notice some strange patterns starting to emerge.


Feb 2Insane Blade-Stabbing Dreams


Aug 4Food Comes First, Then Morals, They Say
Apr 5Worship Your Servitude
Mar 11Tell Me Once Again, Baby, I’m Your Favourite Girl
Feb 10The Cage
Jan 24Semblance Of Liberty


Oct 28Triple Trouble
Sep 5Still No One To Vote For
Aug 19To You It’s All A Game
Aug 6You Can Play This Game With Me, But You Know You’re Gonna Lose
Jul 3Everything’s Just Wonderful
Jun 3Hello Victoria, So Glad To See You
May 23‘Cause It’s A Common Recurring Theme
May 16It Seems That The Vicious Circle Can Never Be Broken Through
May 9Bloodstained Ground
May 3Your Moves Are Making News Tonight
Apr 25I Will Not Become A Member Of This Parliament Most Foul
Apr 18As The Polls Close Like A Casket
Apr 11The Divided Heart
Apr 4Advertising’s Got You On The Run
Mar 27It’s Propaganda But I Know How It Goes
Mar 14Glory To The Gem
Feb 16From The Abyss Of Time The Mystery Lives On
Jan 24Why Must We Kill All Of Mankind?
Jan 17Shamandalie
Jan 15New World Water
Jan 4The Grand Conjuration


Dec 27The Origin Of A Dogma
Dec 20But I’m Happy To Be Floating In Space
Dec 13I Don’t See A Point To This Place
Dec 6There Ain’t No God, There’s Just Me And You
Nov 29All That I’ve Heard, It’s True
Nov 26It Can’t Provide Them Recompense
Nov 18It Was Believed To Be The Home Of A Witch
Nov 6Didn’t You Come This Way Before?
Oct 26Ur Djupet
Oct 7It’s Hard For Me To Love Myself Right Now
Sep 25Hey Ladies
Sep 10We Can’t Fly With Broken Wings
Aug 25Fear Of The Dark
Aug 15It’s Not Fair, And I Think You’re Really Mean
Aug 6And Then There Was Silence
Jul 28Short Memory
Jul 16There Are Some Things We Can’t Replace
Jul 9Consign To Oblivion
Jun 30The Glass Prison
Apr 15My Home, My Lighthouse
Apr 7Kuni Kokon Kaunis Kaarros, Kuni Havukan Luova Lento
Mar 29You Live In Tales You Tell
Mar 19These Colours Don’t Run
Mar 5To Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
Mar 4Why’ve You Ever Forgotten Me?
Mar 3Postludium