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Look at the hair on that boy

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Artist/Writer/Editor/Producer/Creative Consultant/Miscellaneous Duties/Head of the Lens Flare Special Effects Insertion Team: Tim Willmott

Well, Tim isn’t really an artist. He just draws these comics as a sideline while pursuing his true love: collecting empty tissue boxes and sitting on them. Needless to say, he is extremely grateful for the good folk at the Royal Crazy Dave’s Asylum (Australia’s largest and most precipitously-located asylum) for allowing him to run this webcomic from his padded cell. He is not so grateful, however, about being placed next door to Terry “Banshee” McGuiness, WHO WON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP! JEEZ, SO YOUR PARENTS MADE YOU DRESS UP AS A SAILOR AND ATTEND SATURDAY NIGHT MATINEES AS A CHILD? I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! JUST LET ME GET SOME GODDAMN SLEEP, YOU ASSHOLE!!

Some of Tim’s previous comics include: Stick Jedi; Line Jedi; The Incredibly Amazing Adventures Of Stick Goku And His Good Friend Stick Jedi Master Tim; Some More Incredibly Amazing Adventures Of Stick Goku And His Good Friend Stick Jedi Master Tim; and The Completely Heterosexual Adventures Of Matt And Jack – all of which remain unpublished, and thus are unknown to all but a select few. Coincidentally most of these people live within a twenty metre radius of Tim’s cell, except for one guy who broke out disguised as a medieval dragon and has been on the run ever since. Detective St George is leading the manhunt.

You can see the intelligence burning in his eyes
Head Scientist: Professor Mercutio B. Albertello, MD, PhD, BS, BA

Professor Albertello is an extremely smart person who has all the different educations. He is most famous for his work with the Earth Cow environmental awareness group, especially his groundbreaking research in the 70′s, which resulted in the discovery of a phenomenon he dubbed “Death-Earth Meltdown In The Year 1999″ (later renamed “global warming” by the liberal media, though a lawsuit is still pending to this day). That is but one facet of the man, however, and his work in every field of science has been published in innumerable peer-review journals, and has always been greeted with wonder and awe. In addition to consulting on this comic, he is working on multiple research projects, including finding a cure for religion. He is 600 years old and he literally invented the spork.

Thanks to his input, all speculative technologies contained in this comic are completely feasible and will one day come to pass, once real life has caught up with his incredible mind.


Both Tim and Mercutio can be contacted at earthcow (at) gmail (dot) com. Include the secret phrase “increase your manlength” in the subject line for a special bonus!!!