Comical Interlude
Food Comes First, Then Morals, They Say

Food Comes First, Then Morals, They Say

Hey look, that’s fifty comics! Though if you include easter eggs and stuff, then by my calculations that makes it… more than fifty comics.

Anyway, update on that side project I mentioned in the last newspost: I’ve been distracted with B-Roll comics recently but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about it. In fact, I’ve substantially rewritten it so that now it includes the storyline about Swallowtail and Tim’s days in high school (which I hinted at in the first easter egg for this comic), because I think it will be much more interesting if you can contrast the advice Swallowtail gives out with her own past experiences. But the upshot of this is that the story is now considerably longer, so it’s not a side project anymore. Instead, I’m going to draw about ten or so more comics here to round out the sort of loose introductory phase of the overarching plot and also introduce a couple more necessary character points, then we will be switching over to a more storyline-oriented format for a while (which basically just means that I won’t have to finish each page with a self-contained punchline). But before THAT, I have three Candles comics that I’m going to get out of the way before I start working on anything else.

Confused? Don’t worry, these are just my crazy plans, you don’t have to keep track of them. On a similar note, I am trying to develop a new painting style which will hopefully be somewhat faster and maybe even, eventually, better looking than my old style, but in the interim some of the comics might look a little rough around the edges for a while. In particular I am trying to be rather less of a perfectionist (because I have come to realise “perfectionist” is really just a narcissistic term for a fear of publicly displaying flaws), which should be the main way I can speed up a bit because spending ages correcting imperceptible imperfections is one of the reasons my comics take so long to draw. The most recent B-Roll comic, for example, took about eight weeks to draw, but it would have taken much longer if I’d drawn it in my old style (and if I’d just been drawing regular comics instead of one huge one, I’d have been managing almost weekly updates! Wow, WTF?). But then, of course, I promptly forgot everything I learned drawing that and spent three weeks ruining today’s comic. Ah well.

Oh yeah, and finally: I have a Tumblr now, and the latest post is relevant to today’s comic.