Comical Interlude
Worship Your Servitude

Worship Your Servitude


Did you read this comic and think to yourself, hmm, this new kid looks like a sassy go-getter – I wouldn’t mind following her adventures a bit further and seeing what else she gets up to? Well, in the extremely unlikely event that you did have that reaction, here’s an extraordinary piece of luck for you: I have a short spin-off comic planned, about some of the events that led up to today’s fateful visit to the patriarchy’s registration offices. I want to try and get this thing drawn fairly soon, since I already have enough half-finished projects as it is, but I’ve got some B-Roll and Candles comics that I want to get out of my system first. Also: I’m really not a fan of the painting style I’ve been using for the backgrounds recently, so I want to keep working on that, too. (I tried something different with the easter egg, and that seems more promising…)

I’ve already written a rough outline for this story, and it should be a fairly simple affair: it’s basically just a conversation between this as-yet-unnamed young lady and Swallowtail (she is Swallowtail’s cousin – hence the resemblance, and her familiarity with Tim), in which Swallowtail passes on some of the things she wishes she had known as a teenager, and they deconstruct The Issues in a somewhat more in-depth manner than was possible over this four-comic arc. That’s also why Swallowtail was absent from this storyline, by the way, even though she would have loved to get in there and start dropping Opinions on everyone. But alas, she was busy elsewhere, as hinted at by the easter egg – which is an actual page from the as-yet-undrawn comic! How did that happen?? #mysteriesoflife #timetravel???

The current working title is “Teen Lesbian Adventures”, but that… that will probably change.