Comical Interlude
Semblance Of Liberty

Semblance Of Liberty

Uh oh, looks like it’s gonna take another three comics to unravel this one. Stay tuned! I mean… assuming you access the internet through some sort of frequency modulating system, I don’t know what kind of technology you prefer. Maybe, stay… connected? Hmm.

Also: as you can see, I’ve switched to fully-painted backgrounds now, as opposed to the old half-and-half system I adopted mainly out of laziness and lack of belief in my own skillz. For some reason, I decided to make this switch halfway through this comic, after I’d already started working on the backgrounds, which led to a needlessly-complicated drawing process. I’m going to develop this style over the next few comics, and hopefully it will work out for the better. (And yes, it will no doubt look a lot better once I actually learn how colours work. I am still relatively new to Photoshop, and most of my drawing experience prior to that was solely with a lead pencil, where shading just means “make it darker”. Hence the fairly ugly results here.)

Anyway so I guess at this point in the story, these characters possess a Hitchens-esque dichotomy of both left-wing and pro-war views? On one hand, it feels kind of weird writing them this way, but on the other, it does seem to be fairly common for people to possess one or two viewpoints which seem strangely out of step with the rest of the their preferred ideology. And I suppose there are still a lot of progressives who still cling to various rationalizations for specific types of violence, even if they have already rejected the rest. Much like letting go of that one last god when you’ve clearly already discounted every other religion, it’s just that final step which is often the hardest – especially when that final step involves making peace with dolphins. Eurgh.

Oh and finally, and I guess this is old news now, but here’s the guest comic I was talking about in the previous post (or click here to see a higher quality version).