Comical Interlude
Triple Trouble

Triple Trouble

So, remember about seven and a half weeks ago when I said to check back in a couple of weeks to hear about my new websites? Well, the time has come! Not only do I have new websites, but they have new comics on them, too! (Hence taking much longer than I first predicted.)

First up is THE B-ROLL:

As explained on the site itself, the B-Roll is a collection of old comics that I drew on my liverjournal, some of which proved to be the foundation of the comics you are reading now, on this site. Additionally, I will also be updating it with various comics unconnected to the storyline on the main Comical Interlude site, whenever the mood takes me. I think its main role will just be as a place for me to experiment with different ideas and art styles, without having to worry about ruining everything on this site.

There are already over a hundred comics over there, spanning several years of work.

The second comic is called CANDLES:

Yes, it’s a science comic! NICE. But there are only four comics there so far, three of which you’ve already seen before (also, the first comic has been edited slightly for greater internal consistency). A word of warning: you need to be at least this pretentious to enjoy these comics. Get your monocles ready.

For future reference, links to these sites are currently sitting in the “Bonus” section up on the menubar there. (Yes, finally there is something in there!)

Anyway, now that they’re done, I can finally get back to focusing on the comics themselves. Not sure what I’ll draw next; I kind of want to populate Candles with a few more comics, but all my ideas are super-complicated and will take ages to draw. I’ll figure it out over the next day or two, so, as usual, check my twitter to see what’s coming next. Oh! And finally, I drew a certain guest comic last weekend, which will be showing up sometime in the next month – twitterers will get first notice of it, when it appears. #twitterfavouritism