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Still No One To Vote For

Still No One To Vote For


Comic Facts: This one’s not so much a redraw of an old comic as it is an old punchline which I have repurposed in a completely new context. Oh and also, since I drew a ballot paper for this comic, I also went back and replaced the blurry sample ballot in #35 – which is what I should have done in the first place, of course.

If you’re wondering: personally, I’m not as cynical as my fictional counterpart (not since I first heard Obama’s melodious baritone, anyway), but I am sympathetic to his views – as are about 5.6% of voting-age Australians, it seems. Politics is one of those subjects where I try to keep in touch with it because I think it’s something you can’t really afford to remain ignorant about, but it is kind of a loathsome thing to spend a lot of time on. Yes, I know, it’s better than all the alternatives… but still.

Anyway, announcement time. I’m starting TWO NEW WEBCOMICS! One is going to be a super-serious, science-celebrating comic, and the other will be a sort of mish-mash of all different things which don’t fit in anywhere else (including two comics I started drawing as easter eggs for today’s comic, but which were taking a bit longer than I expected, so I decided to set them aside so I could post this comic while the jokes at Bob Katter’s expense were still relevant). And importantly, neither of these new webcomics will be storyline-based, so they will be much easier to keep up with, and more accessible to new readers.

So, how will I be able to draw two more comics when the one I already have updates at a terminally slow rate? Well, good question. But I see these other two projects as a place where I can experiment with different drawing styles which will be much faster and looser (much like the second easter egg here today, which I drew quite quickly), so hopefully, the end result will simply be more comics for you! Hooray!

As usual, you can follow my twitter for updates, or you can just check back here in a couple of weeks or so. I don’t plan to make these new websites particularly elaborate or anything, but it will probably still take me a while to put them together. Luckily I already have a backlog of comics waiting to go up on them, though, so you’ll have plenty of stuff to look through once it’s done.

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  1. Lemel says:

    Also I am totally bringing centipedes to the next election.