Comical Interlude
To You It’s All A Game

To You It’s All A Game

Of course, the really heartbreaking thing is when people are convinced to run over their own dog.

Comic Facts: this is a complete redraw of an old comic (is it just me, or did Swallowtail’s boobs used to be a lot bigger…?), and the comic title and alt-text are from “Silver Tongue” by Sonata Arctica (see what I did there, etc).

Anyway, the election is fast approaching, peeps! Now that Mark Latham has made it uncool to waste your vote, I guess it’s time for me to lose the immaturity and vote for the Greens?? If you are considering a similar move, remember that if – like many right-thinking Australians – you are concerned that Abbott will get elected, dissolve the parliament, declare himself to be some sort of medieval king, and force all women in the country into compulsory breeding camps run by the reanimated corpse of John Howard (yeah, he’s not technically dead yet, but the process was still necessary), you can still vote for the Greens AND help avoid this nightmare scenario by labelling your preferences in favour of the ALP. I know, I know, it seems too good to be true, but that’s the magic of Democracy: the perfect political system, producing flawless leader after flawless leader, in an unbroken chain stretching all the way back to Jonathan Democratus himself.