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Everything’s Just Wonderful

Everything’s Just Wonderful


Oh man I’ve been wanting to draw this comic for SO LONG, it’s good to finally get it out there. And yeah, I know it’s a little melodramatic to be talking about oppression up in here in the decadent West – but just because we’re doing better than most people doesn’t mean things are perfect, or that we shouldn’t seek further improvement. And fortunately, we exist with enough freedom that merely acknowledging the true sources of power we co-exist with is often all it takes to free yourself from many of their harmful effects, so you can start taking positive steps towards diminishing that power altogether. If you try to deny their existence, however, then you will not be doing anything to counteract their influence, and you leave yourself at their mercy.

If you want real, non-selfish empowerment, the only thing you need to seek is knowledge.

PS. I finally got around to reading through the Dresden Codak archives recently – maybe you will pick up a few subtle influences in the layout of this comic, compared to my previous work?? (Not to mention, the huge amount of time since my last update…) I defy you to visit that site without immediately feeling inspired to go and create something. In the not-too-distant future, when things like “creativity” and “talent” are just seen as some sort of bio-software freely available for purchase, I know whose intergalactic web store I will be visiting in order to download some mind juice to inject into my robotic nano-synthesized transhuman… bodyframe… technobabble… etc.

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  1. Lucas says:

    This is one of my favourite comics you’ve done. The attention to detail is staggering, all the way down to things like the panel shapes and structure. As mentioned, you’ve clearly been inspired, and it fucking SHINES, man.