Comical Interlude
Hello Victoria, So Glad To See You

Hello Victoria, So Glad To See You


Hey, would you say that Interlude #12 counts in terms of passing the Bechdel test? Or what about #19, in which part of the discussion was about men but they also talked about other things? At any rate, it is well and truly passed now, after a mere 41 comics. PHEW. Now I can FINALLY get back to making comics about dudes, am I right? *high five* *bro chest bump* *scrotum tickle*

Oh, and speaking of which: the next comic is going to be freaking huge and will take a couple of weeks at least to draw. So boil up a pot of tea and hire a few movies or just do whatever you can to survive this terrible drought, and hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Or better yet, why not head over to Subnormality, if you haven’t already? The latest comic is truly awesome.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Lemel says:

    Hahahahahah Swallowtail’s expression in panel #2 is priceless!

  2. Lucas says:

    The eyes!
    I love it. One thing I’ve always really enjoyed about these comics is the fact that they go into winding plots, and have interesting and thought-provoking underlying messages, interspersed with something like this, that’s just outright silly. And it’s these intermissions of silly-for-silly’s-sake that build the characters and make it so much fun to follow them along on their adventures.
    Now if you don’t mind, I have an inexplicable urge for caffeine all of a sudden.