Comical Interlude
Glory To The Gem

Glory To The Gem

Yeah… this won’t actually make sense until right near the end of Part One. But hey, just think – one day you’ll be able to look back and say to yourself, “ah, okay then. I wondered about that, for a few brief moments”.

Also even though this one didn’t exactly require as much work as the previous comic, it still took longer because a lot of the stuff here involved using shape tools and other Photoshop functions, which is a really tedious and soulless way to draw. This, coupled with the fact that I recently decided to start playing Dragon Age (and I wasn’t prepared for the brain-exploitingly Pavlovian nature of such games), conspired to stretch out the drawing time of this one way longer than it should have been. But don’t worry: I’m going to start reposting my 2007 election comics soon (I figure I should get them up before, you know, the NEXT election…), so you can expect some regular updates in the near future. And not only that, but whilst those comics are going up, I’ll be working on some secret projects. :O :O :O

By the way, if you’re thinking about taking issue with Merc’s comment in the second panel, watch this first.


  1. Lucas says:

    GRILLIANT. Gotta love an all-purpose science machine.