Comical Interlude
From The Abyss Of Time The Mystery Lives On

From The Abyss Of Time The Mystery Lives On

Sorry this one took so long to draw. I had a tonne of Photoshop crashes, and I tried a few things which I’ve never done before, particularly with the shading on the dolphin statues and stuff. This comic is actually pretty important in terms of the overall storyline, so I wanted to put some extra effort into it.

Speaking of which, I’m not used to writing a story where I’ve got the plot planned out in advance. I kind of feels like I’m cheating.

Oh, and I redrew the final panel of Interlude #24 a couple of weeks ago – if you’re wondering why, just compare it with the original.



  1. JNgaio says:

    I can only imagine how long this must have taken to do but it looks fantastic, as does the easter egg. The grass and the chicken in the easter egg especially took my fancy. :)