Comical Interlude
New World Water

New World Water

The comic I’m drawing at the moment has some backgrounds which have turned out to be rather more time-consuming than I first estimated, so since I’m still in lazy holiday gaming mode, I decided to take my time with it and just put up another old comic. I was wincing my way through the ol’ archive and noticed that this one accidentally sets the scene for the next comic in a round-about sort of way, so it seemed like the ideal option. However, because it was so old and terrible (and also because I needed to update Holt’s clothes to match the next comic), I ended up spending the past couple of days “touching it up” to the point that I’ve very nearly redrawn the entire thing. And I didn’t even get any extra time to spend being lazy! It was a very poorly executed plan.

Anyway the next comic should be up in a few days I guess. You can spend that time speculating on the contents of the fireball. I mean, what the heck is going on there??