Comical Interlude
The Origin Of A Dogma

The Origin Of A Dogma

This sort of scenario is the actual reason why you’re not supposed to know what Muhammad looks like, by the way. It’s to discourage idolatry worship (sandwich or otherwise), so that the focus will remain on the message he’s trying to get across. I think it’s an unusually sane idea… I mean, for something that came from a major religion.

If only Christianity had come up with similar safeguards against exploitation. I mean, sure, maybe you could cite that “money-changers in the temple” skit, but I’m pretty sure that one was only thrown in for a bit of comic relief. Not like the anti-gay stuff. That shit was deadly fucking serious.

ETA several weeks later: Haha wait a sec, it’s right there in the Ten Commandments. But absolutely no one seems to care about this? I guess they’re more… guidelines, than actual rules.