Comical Interlude
It Can’t Provide Them Recompense

It Can’t Provide Them Recompense

Today they are at Leo’s house, which was first seen in the background of the sixth panel of Interlude #6.

That was the last comic I’ll draw this year. Luckily, though, it won’t be the last comic you’ll see from me. In fact, I’ve just cued up four more comics, which will be posted each Sunday from now until Xmas! They are four of my favourite comics that I’ve drawn so far, so I hope you like them. Additionally, there may even be another comic the Sunday after that, depending on how things go when I get back from my holiday. I won’t start drawing any new ones until next year, though, as I’ll no doubt have new Nintendo games and stuff to get through immediately after Xmas (I can’t play New Super Mario Bros Wii until I get back! GRARGH!)

But anyway, it’s been, what, about nine months since I got the website up and running? I know it’s been fairly stop-start so far, what with computer problems a few months back and my general slowness in producing new comics, so thanks to those of you who are still hanging on here. I’m going to take a couple of sketchbooks with me to Europe and work on my drawing speed and stuff, so I can start working towards making comics that don’t take an interminably long time to draw. And I’m clearly going to have to work on my time management, so I spend less time dicking around on the net or watching TV, and more time actually making le art. If I can start turning out comics on a somewhat more regular basis then I’ll probably feel a bit more confident promoting the site and trying to bring in some new readers, too, which is another thing I’ll be working on next year.

But anyway, that’s all to be worried about when I get back. I’m off, suckers!


  1. OeterB says:

    That’s a healthy fridge. I approve.