Comical Interlude
Didn’t You Come This Way Before?

Didn’t You Come This Way Before?

Okay, one more old comic. Holt’s appearances thus far haven’t exactly been reflective of this side of his personality, so here you go. Also, that’s not just some NCIS-style censorship – glowing genitals are a sign of sexual arousal amongst mammal’ya on Planet ‘Ya. You might have noticed that Holter’ya and Magnus’ya’s genitals were also obscured on the Cast page – I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now what would be the best way to unveil them, because they are quite unusual. I think I will save an actual picture of them for another day, but if you would like to read about them and form your own images using nothing but the incredible power of the human brain, then I have written a highly absurd blog entry on the subject, full of all kinds of pointless information which will probably never make it into the actual story, but which you may find interesting nonetheless.

Remember last time how I mentioned I was working on a new comic and it was coming along really slowly? Well I’ve simplified my original concept somewhat, and it seems to be back on track now. Not sure exactly when it will be done; keep an eye on the Twitter Shitter as usual.

Oh and lastly, are you familiar with the song from which this comic derives its title? Are you in suitable awe of the highly intertextual pun I just made? It’s okay to feel intimidated. This is a stunning triumph for my ridiculous comic-naming system. ;)

Discussion (6)¬

  1. OeterB says:

    The bright lights of a hard-on. Oddly, on my laptop, if tilted the right/wrong way, it oddly looks like an angel amongst the glow… scary.

    • Tim says:

      Haha, I did actually draw everything down there before obscuring it. I guess you can see the arms or something (I can’t really see it on my monitor though).

  2. OeterB says:

    Haha… see, now I’m just weirded out! Haha.

  3. OeterB says:

    Haha… dude… there’s a lot of text on that blog entry to read after a bottle of champers… tomorrow :D