Comical Interlude
Ur Djupet

Ur Djupet

I’m working on a new comic right now but it’s taking ages, so here’s another old one. It’s a pretty silly joke, eh. There are actually a bunch of other comics better than this one which I would like to repost, but most of them wouldn’t really work so well this early on, as they rely on a greater level of familiarity with the characters. So I kind of want to hold onto them a bit longer, so they’ll be more effective. You’ll get to see them eventually, though.

I’m rewatching Avatar at the moment, after posting that review in my blog, and I noticed a similar sort of thing there: it’s not until halfway through the first season that the show really finds its feet and you start to realise that they’ve got a real plan and vision here. Episode 12 (The Storm) is the turning point, I think, when you find out that Zuko is a much more complicated character than they first let on, and you learn more about Aang’s past, as well.

I feel like I’m still stuck in that awkward introductory part. I have a real mess of ideas that I want to work through, and I’m still trying to organise them into a more coherent progression. Things might be a bit weird and disjointed around here for a while yet.