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There Are Some Things We Can’t Replace

There Are Some Things We Can’t Replace

I must confess, I’m not actually all that familiar with Harry Potter, which is not surprising considering I’ve neither read the books nor seen the movies. But I think I’ve overheard enough to piece together all the pertinent details. As I understand it, Harry Potter aka “The Big Hazza” was selected to become the next Grand Wizardrube because he was born with a magical birthmark which allowed him to shoot lightning from his brain and defeat his evil twin, Hagrid, thus restoring order to the mystical kingdom of Narnia. That’s pretty much it, right? Yeah.

Man, no wonder those books sucked.

By the way, if you don’t know who this dashing Tim-doppelgänger is, then clearly you haven’t been exploring this site properly.

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  1. fishi says:

    He wishes he had a birthmark. It was actually a scar, but a magical scar. Yeh.

    • Tim says:

      I see. I may have to edit the comic and have Swallowtail correct him on this point. This will also serve to reveal her Potter-nerdom; perhaps her greatest character flaw. Then we can just pretend I had it planned this way all along.