Comical Interlude
Consign To Oblivion

Consign To Oblivion

Yep, welcome to part one of the Comical Interlude trilogy (there will actually only be two parts, but “duology” is an embarrassing word). There are several reasons why I’m splitting the story in half, but it’s mostly due to thematic and narrative issues and other boring writer stuff, so who cares. Though I guess you can expect two seperate storylines here: part one will be the dolphin war, and part two (currently named Fa├žade Of Reality) will be the utterly inevitable ‘Ya invasion of Earth. There will be plenty of other things happening along the way though.

By the way, it’s no coincidence that both parts are named after Epica songs. You should really check that shit out. I mean, even if for some bizarre reason you aren’t digging on the insanely awesome music, they are one of the few metal bands which are worth listening to for lyrical content alone. They will be a huge influence on my work here, which is why I wanted to acknowledge that influence by naming stuff after their stuff, much like with the Avatar reference I made a few comics back. So basically, I guess my work can be described as Avatar meets Epica, but with aliens and dolphins and giant pelicans and feminist moralizing? Those are the ideals I am hoping to live up to.

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  1. Ngaio says:

    I dig the “PTOO!”. Bird lips are creepy.