Comical Interlude
Kuni Kokon Kaunis Kaarros, Kuni Havukan Luova Lento

Kuni Kokon Kaunis Kaarros, Kuni Havukan Luova Lento

Art credit for the background of panel one: Melbourne-based artist Jessie Ngaio. I would link to her website, except she doesn’t even have one at the moment! Everyone tease her about this please.

I wanted to work in an Avatar reference early on here because I found that show to be enormously inspiring, and I think it will be a pretty big influence on my comics, in various ways. If you’d like to read some further thoughts of mine on the show, I wrote about it in my blog. Also, you’ll find a wallpaper based on the final panel of this comic in my LJ.

And, uh, yeah… as much fun as it admittedly is to throw a few stones at Howard’s bloated corpse, rest assured I will eventually get to a point where I am making relevant political jokes. That day will arrive shortly after I repost my 2007 election comics and a few other things. In the meantime, just pretend like you’re watching Letterman. Seriously guys I have been working on my impression of him, check this out:

Hey, what about that former President Clinton, eh? He sure is a dude who is constantly having sex, am I right? And how about Hillary! She sure is a woman in a position of political power, eh! I guess we’d better make as many sexist jokes as we can, to help us deal with this unbearable rift in the natural order of things! [applause]

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Wes says:

    Things that are cool include but are not limited to:
    Weird tree-house
    Tim meteoring in the background of panel 9
    Lord of the Rings tower

    If you need referencing for Woomera, you just can’t go past the Woomera Gibber Gabber! (see My Website)

    • Tim says:

      Oh right! The tree house is where Leo lives, by the way.

      And, uh… I’m sure the Gibber Gabber will be… a really useful reference…

  2. Wes says:

    WAIT A SECOND! In Panel 5 the Pelican Lord’s shadow shows that he is between Swallowtail and the sun, but in the next panel it’s clear that this could not have been the case because he’s obviously “lower” than wherever the sun is in that shot and so could not have passed “over” it yet!

    WAIT ANOTHER SECOND, I forgot this is a fantasy world!

    • Tim says:

      Actually panel five is problematic even on its own. Swallowtail is looking directly upwards, meaning the sun must be directly overhead as well – yet her own shadow is pointing behind her and to the left. Although, judging by yours and Jessie’s comments, perhaps the sequence of events here is not entirely clear? The Pelican Lord flies over Swallowtail and then doubles back around to pick her up. It may have been clearer if panel six showed the Pelican Lord still banking back around, though that would have made the jump to the next panel a little too abrupt for my liking. It’s hard getting this stuff right.

      Anyway, yeah, I’m terrible with light sources – especially when I’m trying to keep track of them over multiple angle changes like in this comic. And here I thought guys were supposed to be good at rotating 3D objects in their heads.

  3. Jessie Ngaio says:

    After I get back from Sydney with Wes (er, I shouted him a short break there over Easter for his Birthday) I’ll be saving to get myself a website. I’ve decided I’ll probably just pay someone to do it for me because I really don’t have the time. I really want a website though… I have no audience for my art currently and that kind of gets you down over time.

    Anyway, awesome comic. Out of curiosity, can I ask how long it took? It just looks so damn good! Only change I’d make would be to swap two panels around:

    1. The panel where she’s standing under the bird’s shadow and looking up
    2. The panel where she’s looking at the bird flying towards her in the distance.

    I think they need to be swapped around for dramatic and narrative sense.

    But I might be wrong because I am currently effed in the head with a cold.

    • Tim says:

      Sounds like a good plan with your website. They’re annoying even if you do have enough spare time to work on them.

      Anyway, thanks! I’ve no idea how long it took, really. I’ve developed a bad habit of drawing only in short bursts and getting continually distracted whilst doing so, so even if I spend a couple of hours drawing, I’d be lucky if I spent even half that time effectively. Still, if I had to guess, there’s easily 20+ hours of work here. I am really an interminably slow drawer.

      As for the panel swap thing, see my reply to Wes’s comment above.